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Kitchen and Bathroom Installation Solution

Kitchen & bathroom installation solution


Based on the present installation practice and standard and specifications both at home and abroad, through verification and summarization, according to the kind of substrate, the kind of adhesives, the kind of tiles, and the size of the installation tools TAMMY has developed various installation solutions.
一、Basic requirements
1. Require solid substrate with no hollowing, no cracking, no porous. Suitable for smooth substrates such as cement, concrete, brick, stone, also used for plaster (only in dry internal wall) board building blocks, and secondary adhesion on perlite board, existing tile, marble, and granite (coarsen treatment needed).
2. Require smooth substrate, no filth dirt, no oil stain, no dust, no concave-convex, no loose sand, and no mold releasing agents.
3. Standards GB 50210-2001 and GB 50209-2002 applies, deviation tolerance within 3 mm, apply with leveling mortar when necessary.
4. Require to complete all jobs in large project according to installation time sequence.
二、waterproofing installation
1. Require to consult the design to determine the height and thickness.
2. TAMMY recommends to use rigid JS water proofing in kitchen and bathroom applications.
3. Waterproofing procedure needs to be completed according to the instruction on the waterproofing package.
4. To kitchen / bathroom weak regions (such as the joints between light wall and structural wall, pipe roots, pre buried pipes etc.…) reinforcement is required during the waterproofing installation (normally apply alkali resisting fiberglass mesh).
三、tiles installation
Based on the kind of tiles to select correct adhesives, tooth spatula, and installation procedures.
1. GB/T 4100: 2006 ceramic tile standard applied

classified by tile forming method and water absorption rate

Forming method

Class IE≤3%

Class Ⅱa
3%< E ≤6%

Class Ⅱb

6%< E ≤10%

Class Ⅲ

A (extrusion)

A I 类



A Ⅲ 类



B (dry pressing)

B Ia 类
ceramic tiles E≤0.5%

B Ⅱa 类
Fine stoneware

B Ⅱb 类
stoneware tiles

B Ⅲ 类b)
ceramic tiles

B Ib 类
Stoneware tiles 0.5%≤3%

C (other)

C Ⅰ 类c)

C Ⅱa 类c)

C Ⅱb 类c)

C Ⅲ 类c)

a)Class AⅡa and class AⅡb can be classified in two parts by different properties
b)Class B Ⅲ only include glazed tiles not include dry pressed no glazed tiles with water absorption rate greater than 10%
c)This standard doesn’t include the following tiles                           

classification Water absorption rate(E) adhesives      notes
ceramic tiles E≤0.5% 905 vitrified tiles adhesive eg:vitrified tiles
stoneware tiles 0.5%<E≤3% 905vitrified tiles adhesive 910 vitrified tiles adhesive eg:W>300*300 wall fullbody porcelain tiles ancient tiles use 905, floor tiles use 910
fine stoneware 3% < E ≤6% 910 adhesive eg:fullbody tiles, mosaic, ancient tiles etc…
stoneware 6%< E≤10% 910 adhesive eg:PK tiles, mosaic, ancient tile,
 glazed tiles, stoneware etc…
ceramic tile E> 10% 910 adhesive eg:glazed tiles, PK ceramic tiles
2. specification of tooth trowel during the installation
1) 25mm*25mm mosaic use 3mm tooth trowel
2) 100mm*100mm tile use 6mm tooth trowel
3) 300mm*300mm and under use 6 to 8 mm tooth trowel
4) 600mm*600mm and under use 8 to 10 mm tooth trowel
5) 800mm*800mm and under use 10 to 12 mm tooth trowel
3. adhesive installation procedure
1. mixing
1) Add water in the mixing agitator, and gradually add adhesive according to the specification with a mixing rate of 1 water: 4 dry powder mixing evenly with low speed (150r/min) electric mixer (750W).
2) Hydration (stewing) 15 min apply 1 to 3 minutes second mixing ready for application. (The adhesive after hydration cannot add water or adhesive dry powder).
2. installation method
1) onto substrate method: Plastering adhesive slurry with tooth trowel straight side on the substrate evenly with force, at the same time, apply appropriate amount of adhesive slurry rapidly on the installation substrate. Apply proper tooth side on 60 to 70 degree comb along the straight line to form sufficient strip. Push the tiles onto the substrate with full adhesive slurry to make sure the adhesion onto the proper position based on the designed requirement.
2) Application onto tiles back method: Apply small amount of adhesive slurry with trowel straight side with force onto the back of tiles, clean out the dirt and dust on the substrate increase adhesion area, apply again proper amount (3 to 10mm) adhesive slurry onto the tile back and then install the tile onto the proper position according to design.
3) combined method:
△  Apply adhesive slurry with tooth trowel straight side onto the substrate with force and then apply proper amount of adhesive slurry onto the substrate, comb along the straight line to form sufficient strips with the proper tooth side in 60 to 70 degree.
△   Apply small amount adhesive slurry with tooth trowel straight side forcefully onto the tiles back (level the concave-convex), clean the dust and dirt to improve the adhesion
△   Press the tiles with slurry on back to the substrate proper area.
     After 15 min of installation, the tile cannot be moved.
★ caution:
1) Mixed adhesive slurry must be used in 4 hours, mix every half hour during the application to maintain better operational, cured adhesive slurry should be discarded. 2) 24 hours after installation need for curing. After curing can apply surface installation operation (grouting), but vibrating machinery is forbidden on the surface. The surface can reach a certain strength, 28 days after can reach the maximum strength.
3) Cement content in the product has alkalescence, avoid eye contacting, when accidently splashing into eye, wash with clean water immediately and send to hospital whenever necessary.
4) Light wall installation adhesion of tiles or stone, push press operation is recommended, hammering or slapping is not recommended.
5) During the installation, it is extremely forbidden to add water, cement, sand, or any other powders. It is strictly required to install according to the instruction. TAMMY is not responsible for any losses hereto if the instruction is not strictly followed.
四、grouting installation procedure
1. TAMMY grout products are classified by sand and non-sand
(non-sand 925 and 927 grout, sand: 922 and 926)
● non-sand 925 and 927 grout is suitable for 5mm and under joint seam grouting
● sand 922 and 926 grout is suitable for 3 mm to 12 mm joint seam grouting
2. grouting
1) Mixing: follow the package instruction add grout dry powder into water with required ratio, stir with electric mixer for 3 to 5 min, stewing for 10 min and stir again for 1 to 2 min ready for use.
2) During grout hydration, clean the construction surface, the depth of joint seam should be greater than 3 m.
3) Use rubber grouting trowel to press fill the grout into joint seams in 45 degree. Stirring the grout from time to time during the installation in order to gain the maximum operational.
4) Joint seam grout should be full, pressed, no hollow, no missing spots.
5) After initial drying (time period varies due to the installation temperature, the drying time may vary) use wet clean sponge clean the grout on the tile surface and the overflow grout from the joint seams. After initial drying, use clean soft cloth (no dyes) or sponge to clean the grouting area.
6) Re-grout the grout missing spots or hollow area whenever necessary.
3.  caution:
1) The products cannot apply in the strong acid area, installation cannot be lower than 5℃.
2) Non-glazed tile need to do pre-test to avoid color absorption by the tiles that causes surface polluted. In large area installation, small sample installation is recommended.
3) There are 16 standard colors, special requirements can be met based on the customer’s demand.
4) The products are not suitable in the grouting of special materials that may distort (such as acid materials, chemical cleaners etc...)TAMMY is not responsible for any losses or damages if the installation exceed the production application range or other materials added during the application. TAMMY has products that can meet such special needs.
Please call the hot line during the installation, TAMMY technical service team is happy to provide you timely support.