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Company Philosophy

Values and Principles

The key to future success is not only dependent on the technical strength that TAMMY possesses by the strategic business which TAMMY can humbly survive and grow the quality and reputation.

In the new economic era, human resources orientation has become a basic guide to success, the heart of the employees is where the business rooted. The company has maintained high respect to all the staff, rely on whom TAMMY started all the problems solutions and work fulfillment. TAMMY cares about people, respect people, stimulate people, and inspire people.

Empowerment of the people: TAMMY believes that the employees are the most valuable wealth of a business, so training and development of employees is given high priority. TAMMY aims to give promotions to the internal candidates and focuses on the development of their working competence, technical level, and leadership. However, TAMMY always welcome new talents to fill in the demand of the company’s ever expanding market, which provides each employee a positive upward good development platform and broad space for their carrier development. TAMMY empowers its employees to engage in the proposal of new ideas. TAMMY believes in the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees and encourages them to participate in the company level management.

Professionalism & regularity: TAMMY carries out regular technical exchanges and seminars with the industry experts with a focus on quality, safety, environment, responsible growth, and value creation. TAMMY participates in the compilation and revision of the industry relative standards. TAMMY aims to enhance durability and improve both energy and material efficiency. TAMMY purchas es the raw materials and equipment only from the reputable professional manufacturers. TAMMY conducts the industry knowl edge and product knowledge training to the employees as well as the distributors, provide after sale technical service to custom ers and solve the problems in actual application. In the production and management activities, they conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the ISO9001:2000 standard.

Integrity & improvement: TAMMY abides by the commitments, provides timely and accurate high quality product and service for the customers. TAMMY has always introduce new technologies, new materials and new procedures, through which TAMMY has continuously improved the product quality. Through strengthening of the internal control, TAMMY has the capacity to reduce the products quality difference between each of the production batches. TAMMY has continuously improved customer satisfaction by the improvement of products series and the reduction of the production costs. TAMMY puts safety first, quality first, customer first, employee first so TAMMY has won so many royal customers and partners with whom TAMMY can grow so strong and so fast. In any case, TAMMY has never compromised their integrity and high ethical standards.